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11 Reasons To Do Business With RightWay



Easy to OrderVia telephone, email, website, fax, visit our distribution center, or meet with a sales representative at your location. We are happy to meet with you on a set  schedule to help you place orders, introduce you to new products, and explore opportunities to improve operational performance and sales.



Easy to Find Products & Product Knowledge — Knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly sales representatives will help you in-person, via telephone, text, or email, to find the best products for your specific needs. You can also search for thousands of products on our website to get nutritional information, preparation instructions, and learn about new items to help your sales grow.



Prompt & Easy Problem Resolution — Knowledgeable, Ohio-based representatives will speak or meet with you to answer questions and quickly resolve your issues. Maintaining an excellent working relationship with you is our highest priority. We achieve this by recognizing your needs and responding in a prompt, courteous, and professional manner.



Large Selection — We stock over $3 million of products at our facility ready for immediate pick up or delivery, and will custom-order non-stock items, many of which are available next day, from a selection of over 20,000 items. We offer a wide choice of products to help you operate in the most cost-effective manner and provide food that is unique, delicious, and appealing to your customers.



Best at Fresh — RightWay has an especially strong focus on making sure that all produce and meat products are fresh with the best quality appearance, texture, and taste. Fresh products are received from regional suppliers each night for next day availability. Our distribution facility keeps products in temperature monitored rooms to maximize quality and shelf life.



Fresh Meat, Custom Cutting & Packaging — A wide variety of fresh meats can be ordered in various sizes, cuts, and packaging to fit your specific needs. Custom prepared meats can be available for next day pick-up or delivery.



Training — We provide high quality telephone and in-person training on safe food handling procedures and preparation. We will even provide group and ongoing training for your staff on our site and yours. Our unique affiliation with The Powell Company, which provides janitorial supplies and equipment, enables us to provide expert training and assistance so you can ensure your food service areas are safe and sanitary.



Volume Price Discounts — We work with large customers and those in special groups to arrange deliveries and get customized promotions from suppliers so that prices are as competitive as possible.



Convenient Payment Terms — We accept cash, check, ACH, and debit/credit cards. Credit-worthy organizations can establish a trade credit facility with us with specialized billing and payment terms.



Prompt, Flexible & Free Delivery — Within our primary service territories, deliveries are made via RightWay trucks. This enables us to deliver at times, days, and locations that fit your schedule. This also allows us to guarantee that product quality is maintained as our trucks are temperature controlled and drivers are trained in proper food handling and storage. We will even make same-day special deliveries. Customers can pick up products immediately from our Lima, Ohio distribution center.



More Than Food Service ProductsRightWay has a unique affiliation with The Powell Company and Dan’s Office Furniture & Supplies. This relationship will enable you to reduce management time and effort in ordering cleaning supplies, office supplies, and furniture. Your RightWay representative can streamline the buying process and the delivery process due to this partnership. Orders for all these products can be placed at the same time, picked up at the same time, and delivered at the same time.

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