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Who We Are

RightWay Food Service offers customers the freshest, finest quality produce and service available. From the time the product comes to us until the customer receives it, no one offers better product quality control or customer service. RightWay Food Service serves restaurants, bakeries, caterers, clubs, vending companies, schools, concessionaires, and other institutional food service establishments. What can RightWay do for you? Here are 11 reasons to do business with RightWay.

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Our Facility

RightWay Food Service's facility is HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) compliant, giving customers peace of mind in knowing that food is handled in a manner that protects it from harmful pathogens and food-borne disease.

Refrigerated receiving docks ensure health safety and product freshness is maintained. Multiple coolers and freezers are set to match each food with its optimal temperature. And our state-of-the-art Refrigeration Control Center is monitored 24/7 for temperature and humidity to safeguard product quality. RightWay Food Service's fleet of refrigerated trucks delivers the freshest produce and food products available in the area.


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