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5-15 S.P.O.O.N.S. & RightWay Contest Winners Announced!

Find out who the winners are and view their entries.

RightWay Food Service partnered with S.P.O.O.N.S. (Supervisory Personnel Over-seeing Operations of Nutrition of Students) in a contest for schools apart of the S.P.O.O.N.S. program. Students K-6 were invited to send in an entry, drawing a picture for the prompt, "After I eat a healthy school lunch, I feel like I can . . ."

One winner from each grade was chosen for a total of seven winners! Winners received a certificate and a $50.00 prize. Winners will be recognized at the 2015 RightWay Food Show on August 4th where their artwork will also be displayed.

Seven schools participated with over 1124 entries.


Kindergarten: Katey C. - Allen East
First Grade: Alee N. - Allen East
Second Grade: Isaiah G. - Allen East
Third Grade: Ellen S. - Perry
Fourth Grade: Gavin C. - Antwerp
Fifth Grade - Ryanne L. - Allen East
Sixth Grade: Kacey S. - Lincolnview

Honorable Mentions:

Kindergarten: Eric H. - Perry
Kindergarten: Nashia F. - Perry
First Grade: Estee L. - Antwerp
First Grade: Lyla C. - Allen East
First Grade: Jade H. - Allen East
Second Grade: Tyla S.
Second Grade: Brianna W. - Lincolnview
Second Grade: Eden S. - Antwerp
Third Grade: Olivia M. - Shawnee
Third Grade: Savana B. - Allen East
Fourth Grade: Emma R. - Shawnee
Fifth Grade: Ilse Z. - Antwerp
Fifth Grade: Trinity Paige T-W. - Antwerp
Fifth Grade: Morgan K. - Antwerp
Sixth Grade: Jack W. - Bath
Sixth Grade: Caden R. - Bath

View Winners and Honorable mentions on the RightWay Facebook page: click here

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