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When can I get deliveries?

Deliveries are scheduled with your assigned sales representative. Deliveries for your marketing area will be known by your Rep. After an account has been established and an order is created, you will know exactly when to expect your delivery.

What are the business hours for customer pick up?

Customers can pick up product at our facility in Lima, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Always call ahead to check the availability of the product and to prepare the order.

What are the office hours?

RightWay office hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Our phone numbers are 419-223-4075, 800-451-3663, Fax 419-222-7308.

What is the minimum for deliveries?

Minimum delivery is $250.

Are there delivery charges?

Orders less than $400 will be assessed a delivery charge.

What are the the order times and cut offs for call-ins?

Orders can be called in to our Customer Service Center during all office hours.
a. Next Day delivery cut-off is 3:00 pm
b. Next Day delivery cut-off for Processed Meats is 2:00 pm
c. Next Day delivery cut-off for Fresh Poultry is 1:00 pm

How can I get Nutritional Information and Safety Data Sheets?

Nutritional Information and Safety Data Sheets are available on our website at You can also contact your Sales Rep or Customer Service.

Does RightWay split or break cases?

RightWay Food Service does split/break many items. The website, your Rep, or Customer Service can let you know which items apply.

How do I find out about flyers, items on sale, and new items?

RightWay currently has a monthly Sale Flyer, bimonthly Hot Sheet, and various seasonal flyers and promotions. They will be posted on our website on the home page, under product news or under sales flyers. They will also be distributed by our Sales Reps.

How do I place an order? How do I change my password? How do I add/remove an item?

These questions are answered in the Online Order Guide Assistance how-to PDF. This PDF can be obtained by clicking here.

How do I find nutrition information?

This question and more can be answered in the Additional Online Order Guide Assistance how-to PDF. This PDF can be obtained by clicking here.

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